Depending on your age there are groups of children and young people you can join to make sure your voice is heard in Trafford

Junior CICC

The Junior Children in Care Council is a great way to meet other children in care. We mostly have fun but also tell people what we think about how we are looked after by Trafford.

CIC Council

We are a group of children and young people in care, or who have experienced being in care, who work to make care better. We let Trafford know how important we are and we make sure that we are involved in improving the service delivered to children and young people in care.

We meet every second Monday of the month at Gorse Hill Studios in Stretford.

Our members also get involved in other activities such as interviewing for new staff, being trained and training professionals and foster carers.

Our members have different reasons for being on the group:

“I come because I want to help to make changes in young people’s lives, to make them feel at home and happy in care like me.”

“To make a difference.”

“To try and improve the well being and safety of the young people in care in Trafford.”

“Keeps me out of trouble and stops me getting bored.”

If you would like to join the Council please speak to your social worker, IRO or contact the Children's Rights service on 0161 912 5094

Being a member of the CiCC

Any child or young person who is in care or leaving care can join the CiCC. You should be enthusiastic and passionate about helping improve the care system for all and try to attend our meetings, which are informal, relaxed and fun.

We chat about issues which are important to you at the meetings. So we could ask about your experiences but we will never put you on the spot! It’s your chance to speak up about your rights. We promise to listen to you, take you seriously and feedback to you on what has happened as a result.

Being a member is voluntary but you get a whole lot of new skills and useful experiences that could help with gaining a place at college, university, or an apprenticeship.

Our meetings are informal and fun. We let you know before the meeting the venue, times and what to bring on the day. If you can’t use public transport safely, or get a lift, we may be able to arrange transport for you. We also have nice food, and you will get a reward for your participation. This is your opportunity to make a real difference!

Our achievements

  • Planned and run celebration events for children in care and leaving care
  • Helped to improve housing, education, health services and support for children in care and leaving care
  • We've run a survey for children in care, which has told us what issues we need to resolve.
  • We got Wi-Fi put in our Children’s Homes
  • Social workers now write letters to children coming into care explaining why they came into care which can be read later in their lives because we said we wanted this.

Aftercare Forum

Opportunity for young people from Trafford who are receiving a service from Trafford Aftercare team. A chance to influence how the service develops.

Trafford Youth Cabinet

The Youth Cabinet is here to make the voice of young people heard loud and clear in Trafford. Our members are aged between 11 and 18 and each member lives, works or studies in Trafford. We normally meet weekly in term time at 4.30pm every Wednesday at the Talkshop in Sale Waterside. Any member of the cabinet can represent the cabinet in any regional or national meeting or event and you would be reimbursed for transport costs for attending meetings.

The youth cabinet tries to ensure equal opportunity for ALL children and young people and does everything possible to ensure that any young person who wishes to be involved is able to do so. This may involve paying for child care costs, adaptations or special communication tools as required.

We're the Trafford Youth Cabinet, and we're your voice. Interested? Contact us to find out how you can get involved and have your say.

Youthwatch Trafford

Youthwatch Trafford is Healthwatch Trafford’s team of young volunteers (age 13-18) who help Healthwatch Trafford to communicate with other young people in Trafford.

The Youthwatch Trafford media squad looks after the website & social media while the champions promote Healthwatch Trafford and encourage other young people to share their experiences of health and care.

If you fancy finding out more about joining us and volunteering for Healthwatch Trafford, check out the volunteer pack on the Healthwatch Trafford website