You can complain about any of the care you are receiving. Anyone you trust should be able to help you to complain, or you can contact the Children’s Rights Service. You can also complain using the Trafford Council website

What you can do if you are unhappy

What kind of things can I complain about?

  • Plans for your future
  • Contact with your family
  • Placement change
  • Staying over with friends
  • Your education
  • Behaviour of your carer or worker
  • Anything else which is making you unhappy.

What should I tell them?

  • What and who your complaint is about
  • What you would like doing about it
  • How they can contact you

What will happen next?

We will try to sort out your complaint as quickly as possible. Hopefully it can be sorted out in a couple of days.

If not, you should be offered a meeting to discuss what you are unhappy about. You should get a written response to your complaint in 10 days.

If you are still not happy you can ask for your complaint to be investigated formally.

This will mean that two independent people will look at your complaint. They will speak to you and anyone else involved.

They will then decide if they agree with your complaint or not. This should be done within 25 working days.

Your safety

If you're worried about your safety and it’s an emergency, call 111.

Also you may wish to tell us what is going well for you so we can ensure that both you and other young people continue to benefit from this.

Children’s Rights Service

The Children’s Rights service is there if you are having problems or need help or advice.

They are not social workers and are independent.

If have a complaint or require support they can support you or speak for you if you want.

You can contact them on 0161 912 5094 or email

Have your say

Trafford has three groups where you can have a say about how we do things in Trafford.

The Junior Children in Care Council is for children 11 and younger. The Children in Care Council is for those aged 11- 18. The Aftercare Forum is for young people aged 16 – 25. Speak to your social worker or contact the Children’s Rights Service if you want more information.

You will have the opportunity to take part in a survey every year and give your views on what is like to be looked after in Trafford. It is REALLY IMPORTANT to share what you think so we can make sure we are getting things right for Children in Care in Trafford.

You can also drop us an email at