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Welcome to the My Voice Trafford website.

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What you think, feel and say matters to us.

We’d like to know how you are getting on with our help.

You might want to share a good thing,
or it could be something you’re worried about.

It could be ideas to improve the way we help you.

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We promise to listen.

When you tell us something, we will only tell the
people who need to know and can help.

We’ll ask you what would help make things better and
try to make things as good as we can for you.

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We will offer you help if you are unhappy with something.

We will also give you opportunities to learn
new skills and have fun.

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Get in touch

You can always contact us at
to tell us anything about your experiences.


Are you being looked after by Trafford? (In care)

Safeguarding and staying safe

It's our job to make sure you are safe - find out more about how we can help to protect you from harm.


Find out about groups you can join in with to help get your voice heard


Find out more about Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP)