There are lots of services in Trafford who can help you.

The Children’s Rights Service

Are you a child or young person in care or using aftercare services? Not feeling listened to? Unhappy with decisions being made about you? The Children’s Rights service can help. 

Visit the Trafford Directory for more information.

Help At Hand Service

If you are a young person in care, a care leaver, or living away from home and need advice or support - we're here to help. 

Visit GOV.UK where they have information about the Help At Hand Service.

Advocacy Focus

An Advocate can help you understand Child Protection proceedings and support you to have your voice heard. A Child Protection Advocate helps you become more involved when important decisions are being made about your life. They help you have your say during meetings. 

Visit the Advocacy Focus website for more information.

Always Heard

National Advocacy Helpline and Safety Net that makes sure all young people in, leaving, and on the edges of care, can get an advocate if you need one.  

Visit the Always Heard website for more information.

Talkshop Trafford

Talkshop is a specialist advice and information service for young people aged between 13 and 19 years old (up to 25 depending on circumstances). Based at Sale Waterside, our aim is to support your needs through offering a variety of services in a friendly environment. 

Visit the Trafford Directory website for more information on Talkshop Trafford.

The Northern Contraception Alliance

We offer sexual and reproductive health provision including the testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, contraception and emergency contraception. 

Visit the Northern Contraception Alliance website for more information.

Early Break

Early Break is a specialist treatment, information and support service for children and young people who use drugs and/or alcohol. 

Visit the Early Break website for more information.


An an online counselling and emotional well-being platform for children and young people, accessible through mobile, tablet and desktop. 

Visit the Kooth website for more information.

Gorse Hill Studios

Gorse Hill Studios offers creative, social and personal development opportunities for young people and the community. We have an array of exciting  workshops, activities and resources on offer in all art forms. If you are into music, dance, drama, visual arts, digital arts or you just like being creative and want to learn more, get involved and become a member. 

Visit the Trafford Directoryfor more information about Gorse Hill Studios.