When we talk about a child or young person ‘being in care’, it means we have a legal responsibility to keep the child or young person safe and secure, whether they're living with someone in their family or with other carers, and to ensure their needs are being met.

When you’re in care and living away from home, it can be a trying and often confusing time.Importantly, you should be provided with more than just a bed and regular meals.  You should expect to feel welcome, be cared for well and be treated well.

Everyone looking after you  is expected to do their best in caring for you.

You will have a plan put together which you will be involved in developing. You will also receive a welcome pack with information about being in care, people you will meet and what to do if you are unhappy with something.  

Your social worker

Your  social worker will visit you regularly, answer any questions you have, work out any problems, be there for you, and make sure your views are taken into account.

Your social worker will also support you to know who you are and where you come from, stay close to people that are important to you, have positive experiences, stay healthy, keep learning, and have your belongings and special memories kept safe.